Parkvale Mushrooms

Parkvale Mushrooms, in the spirit of endeavour, is offering you the chance to take on the challenge of growing your very own mushrooms.

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Each 'Grow Your Own Bucket' cost $15.00 and will usually take about 2-3 weeks to be ready, as we want to give them a good start before we transport them. If you prefer not to have the bucket incubated we will send it within the week at $2 less a bucket. Transporting the buckets costs $14.00 anywhere in the north island, and $27.00 in the south island, for up to 2 buckets. Alternatively you can drop by Parkvale Mushrooms and pick them up yourself, with the added bonus of witnessing our marvelous mushroom factory.

Each bucket comes with instructions on how to grow them, and you can get 2-6 crops from them. When finished you can put our lovely compost in your garden.

Make an order: and we should have the order ready for you in 2-3 weeks (assuming you want it incubated). You can make payments to us over the internet by credit card, or we can organise an alternative method by emailing us, or calling the office on (06) 379 8699.

bucket stage1

The G.Y.O.B. ready to go, if you dug into the top soil a bit you would find a lot of Mycelium (the white stuff) all ready to produce some tasty mushrooms.
You can download the growing instructions here: and unless otherwise stated the 'Grow Your Own Buckets' arrive not raked. Make an order payment here using PayPal