Parkvale Mushrooms

The 'famous in New Zealand' Parkvale kebab:- Parkvale la Buttons, spicy sausage, honey cured bacon, capsicum and onion, drizzled with oil and soya sauce and barbequed until irresistible!  Served with a choice of mustard or mango sauce, these kebabs really do deserve the wonderful reputation they have. 

Superb Garlic flats:- Big, flat, Gourmet Brown Uglies sprinkled with Cajun and garlic seasoning, and barbequed until tender and juicy!   Served on toasted Vogels bread, with lettuce, grated cheese and pineapple.  A true Gourmet Brown lover's delight!

Mushrooms are available at the Mushroom Farm at Parkvale about 4km east of Carterton

7 Days: 9am to 12pm
2008-02-04 23:28:04
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Hi All, People can now add their own recipes to our now fairly old collection. It is still a bit rough around the edges but bare with us. Expect some more future improvements. Cheers
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